The Science of Happiness

Many of us spend our whole lives trying to figure out how to be “happy.” But what is happiness, where can we find it, and how will we know we’ve found it? These seem to be some of the most sought after questions on the planet, but why are the answers so hard to find?

Expressing Gratitude

In the midst of trying to find the answer to happiness, many of us fail to stop and appreciate the moments that can make the biggest impacts on our lives. These moments don’t necessarily have to come from significant life markers, such as getting married or having kids. The simple appreciation of nature and all of its glory could do the trick. The feeling of gratefulness alone can produce the necessary “feel-good” chemicals in the brain to signal the body to begin producing hormones that create more positive emotions. In other words, a daily dose of gratefulness causes the body to produce the same emotions felt when one is “happy.”

Feeling “Happy” in the Present Moment

Since the body alone is unaware of the difference between the past, present, and future, you could recall experiences from the past to produce emotions that cause happiness, meaning you can, somewhat, trick your body into feeling happy in the present. Reversely, you can imagine a favorable experience occurring in the future to produce current feelings of happiness. By feeling emotions related to happiness in the present, the body can begin to reap the benefits in the now, as the practice of feeling “happy” on a regular basis can literally change our brain chemistry!

Rewiring Your Brain

The brain begins sending new chemical signals throughout the body, relaying the message “I feel happy,” resulting in the creation of a new neural network or “rewiring” of the brain. Keep in mind that this is usually not as easy as it sounds — it will not happen overnight! As a matter of fact, the body will constantly resist these new changes out of sheer habit. If your body has been conditioned to feel negative emotions for a long period of time, it’s become accustomed to that state of being. Keep an eye out for habitual patterns in your everyday routines, as it is only when you switch up your routine that changes can begin to take place!

Being Patient

By simply being thankful, we’re training our bodies to feel happiness. It costs nothing to say “thank you” before rolling out of bed in the morning; it’s priceless to feel the joy of being blessed with all that we have. Our bodies tend to hold on to feelings that produce strong emotional responses, and if you’ve ever cried tears of joy, you know that gratitude can be overwhelming! The process of rewiring your brain takes time, so be patient and gentle with yourself! Doing more of what you love, creating new memories with friends and family, or exploring a hobby that you’ve been wanting to take up are all great ways of starting that process.

Healing Sound Frequencies

Listening to healing sound frequencies can also balance energy inside the body, creating feelings of wellbeing and security. 432 hz is excellent for cleansing the body of negativity energy, while 741 hz is good for cleansing the body of toxins, both of which are necessary for allowing happiness chemicals to thrive within the body. Check out the playlist below for a other healing frequencies that promote physical and mental wellbeing!  


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