The Benefits of a Spiritual Cleansing Bath

What is a Spiritual Cleansing Bath?

A spiritual cleansing bath is a ritualistic bath used to achieve spiritual cleansing with the help of natural elements, such as water, crystals, essential oils, flowers, or herbs. These elements, combined with intention setting, foster an intense connection to higher self and can create a life changing experience!

What Are the Benefits of a Spiritual Cleansing Bath?

A spiritual cleansing bath has the ability to cleanse negative energy from your body and your body’s energy field. During this moment of purity, you are able to connect to your higher consciousness and be revealed insight of your life in a way that gives you clarity and wisdom. With this new found knowledge, you are now able to make more sound decisions, take steps towards your dreams, or manifest a new life. To achieve optimal benefits, add your choice of crystals, chakra healing or solfeggio frequency music, essential oils, flower petals, or candles.

How Does Intention Setting Help?

Intention setting helps set the tone for the kind of elements you will add to your bath. For example, if your intentions are to heal from emotional heartbreak or self-esteem issues, some elements to consider adding to the bath may consist of rose quartz crystals and rose essential oil. These can be chosen based on the chakra center that you are trying to heal or unblock. For the example used, elements relating to the heart chakra were considered.

Deciding What to Add to Your Bath

There are a number of different elements that can help turn your bath into pure magic. You should choose your crystals and essential oils based on the healing properties you wish to receive. You should also consider which chakras these elements help heal and unblock. Another way of healing your chakras is through healing frequency music. Listening to healing frequency music during the bath takes your spiritual cleansing to new heights! It’s also a good idea to set the ambiance with things such as candles and incense to ensure all five senses are being stimulated.

Which Healing Frequencies Should I Listen to During My Bath?

The healing frequency music that you use during your spiritual cleansing bath depends on what kind of intentions you have set for yourself. For example if you want more self-love or emotional healing, 528 hz would be a good choice. If you want to mend a distant relationship, 639 hz would be a good choice.

Check out the playlists below for a variety of healing frequencies that can be used during your spiritual healing bath!


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