How to Take Your Meditation to the Next Level

What is Meditation?

Derived from the Latin word “Meditatum,” the word meditation translates to the original meaning “to ponder.” When we meditate, we should be aiming to become aware of, or ponder, the essence of our very being. It is during this process of awareness that we can experience a natural sense of acceptance of what is. Meditation requires no more than becoming aware of your mind, body, and soul without judgment.

Meditating allows you to become familiar with yourself, including your thoughts, your body, and your feelings. Understanding yourself is one of the most essential steps in being able to understand others, . Being able to understand others leads to more fulfilling, long-lasting relationships. Coming to know yourself without judgment allows for self-love to flourish, and we cannot truly love others until we first love ourselves.

Taking Your Meditation to the Next Level

Meditation can be enhanced by a number of sense-provoking stimuli, including candles, incense, and music. Music, in particular, can have a powerful effect on the body and its ability to perform optimally. The body’s energy centers, also known as chakras, have the ability to respond positively to the vibrations of certain healing frequencies, such as solfeggio frequencies. These frequencies derived from an ancient scale of musical tones that resonate with the Schuman Resonance, also known as the Earth’s heartbeat.

You can also listen to a number of other healing tones that can have beneficial impacts on the brain, such as binaural beats. Meditating with healing frequencies aligns the body and the spiritual world using vibrations that resonate with the natural energy within and around each of our bodies. When the mind, body, and soul are aligned, manifestation is at its best!

Check out the playlist below to help unblock and help balance the body’s natural energy and enhance manifestation!


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