How to Manifest the Life of Your Dreams

How to Manifest

Many of us have heard about the law of attraction or being able to create more favorable circumstances through the process of monitoring your thoughts and feelings, however very few people know the fundamentals of what manifestation is and how to begin manifesting. Learning how to manifest is essential for bringing your thoughts into fruition “on purpose.”

One of the most important factors of manifesting is feeling as though your desires are already a reality. It is during the act of feeling and believing that your desires have already come true that you are attracting frequencies more aligned with the frequencies of your present thoughts and feelings. For example, if you are focusing your thoughts on making more money and you begin feeling as if all of your needs are already being met, then the frequencies of those thoughts and feelings start to draw to you more money and more feelings of being financially secure.

Speeding up the Process

One of the quickest and most effective ways to feel like your desires have already come to be is by being thankful for what you already have. By feeling that gratefulness, you are radiating that frequency into the universe, attracting more things or experiences that will continue to make you feel grateful. Without the feeling behind the thought, very little changes will be made because it is the power that lies within the feeling that really steers the thoughts and produces the desired manifestation.

Meditation is a great way to practice gratitude because it helps you to become more present and in the now. It is being in the now that allows your dreams to manifest quicker. Your body doesn’t know the difference between the past, present, and future, so by feeling as though you have already received what you wish for, the frequencies radiating from your feelings begin to attract more frequencies that will continue shaping that reality for you.

How Will I Know It’s Working?

The more present you begin to live your life , the more quicker your desires will manifest. In the present, you have no room for feelings from past situations that keep you in a constant state of guilt, shame, sadness, or fear. Worrying about the future and situations that have not yet occurred keep us in a constant state anxiety and fear. The present moment consists only of things, thoughts, feelings, etc., that are occurring now. So, positive, new experiences, for example, could generate feelings of joy and love. Experiencing these feelings during this new experience, in the present, creates new feelings and thoughts.

With these new feelings and thoughts, come new behaviors and actions. So the more and more you experience positive feelings and thoughts in the present moment the more of a habit becomes for you to behave and act more joyful and happy. Keep in mind, positive new experiences don’t have to come from some elaborate experience. It could literally be as simple as meeting someone new or having a really good meditation session. The point is, the more you practice being present, the more opportunities for positive experiences to occur and the more routine it will become for you to have positive thoughts and feelings. Be patient with yourself, as this will take practice!

How Music and Sound Frequencies Help with Manifestation

Certain frequencies resonate with the 7 main energy centers in our bodies, also known as chakras. Your chakras are located along your spine and are responsible for a number of emotions and characteristics, such as love, joy, and security. When your chakras are balanced, then you reap the benefits that each energy center has to offer. However, when your chakras are out of balance, you may feel the more negative sides of the energy centers, such as fear, impulsivity, low self-esteem, sadness, etc. Healing sounds like solfeggio frequencies resonate in harmony with these energy centers, allowing more balance in your body, more positive energy surrounding your body, and thus more opportunities for positive experiences.

Check out the playlist below for healing frequencies that will help you manifest all that you desire in your life!


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